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        PG&E Corporation may collect personal information about you (your name and e-mail address) if you use our web site to send questions and comments to PG&E Corporation, request information from PG&E Corporation, sign up for automatic e-mail delivery of information regarding PG&E Corporation, or otherwise communicate with PG&E Corporation. In certain instances, we also may ask you to provide us with your work or home address, phone and facsimile numbers, and the name of your organization and your title at that organization.

        We use this personal information to fulfill your requests for information and materials regarding PG&E Corporation and its subsidiaries.

        We do not share this personal information with third parties except shareholder.com, which assists the Corporation in processing requests for e-mail delivery of the Corporation’s press releases, SEC filings, and calendar events (the E-Mail Alert Services). If you want to change your notifications or remove your name from the E-Mail Alert Services list, go to the sign-up screen, re-enter your e-mail address, and change your preferences.

        The information in this privacy policy may be updated periodically. We will post the date of any amendments if the current policy is altered. Effective as of July 1, 2004.


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